Challenges EMS Personnel Face:  Transporting Psych Patients

Challenges EMS Personnel Face: Transporting Psych Patients

Transporting Psych Patients involves Perceptive Training Having worked as a National Risk Manager in the EMS world for several years throughout my career, I’ve realized that while the EMS community has countless talented individuals with exceptional lifesaving skills and excellent bedside manners, we often find that many don’t necessarily have vast knowledge about psychiatric illnesses

Medical Canvassing

New Service Alert: Medical Canvassing

Why pay for a pre-existing medical condition?Alpha is excited to announce that we are now offering a suite of Medical Canvassing Solutions. One of the few ways to uncover and verify medical background information, medical canvasses also known in the industry as medical checks and lifestyle checks are a crucial step in the claims handling process.. If

Employee Onboarding

The Importance of Employee Onboarding

Why is Onboarding Important? Effective onboarding has been proven to impact key organizational outcomes and positively influence organizational culture. Onboarding engages new hires and lays the groundwork for increased productivity and decreased turnover. With today’s workplaces moving faster than ever, new hires are expected to hit the ground running. To achieve positive business outcomes, we must